Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost

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The job of the Attorney General of Ohio is to protect the unprotected.

Join Mary Anne Christie as she has a discussion with Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost. They will discuss the duties of the Attorney General, and current issues the office is working on to protect all the citizens of Ohio.

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Contact the Attorney General

Phone: 1-800-282-0515

Website: www.ohioattorneygeneral.gov

Judge Ralph "Ted" Winkler, Hamilton County Probate Court

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Judge Ted Winkler is passionate about the Hamilton County Probate Court. From adoptions, to mental health services, wills, and marriages, the Probate Court changes lives.

Join Mary Anne Christie as she sits down with Judge Winkler and discusses his passion for probate court, and how societal changes have changed the courts themselves. Learn about Judge Winkler the person, and how a motorcycle accident nearly killed him and how the same accident helped him become more compassionate to those in our society with the greatest needs.

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I Have Helium Hand: A Conversation with Rose Stertz, Delhi Township Trustee

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Whenever an organization in Delhi Township needs a volunteer, Rose Stertz raises her hand. It is such a frequent occurrence that Rose's husband says she has helium hand. Along with all the volunteering, Rose also serves as a trustee for Delhi Township.

Join Mary Anne as she talks all things Delhi Township with Rose and ask the questions most important to the Floral Paradise of Ohio.

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My Daddy Helps Everyone Vote - A Conversation with Frank LaRose, Ohio Secretary of State


Frank LaRose recently took the oath of office to become the 51st Secretary of State for Ohio. Before his current job, Secretary LaRose served in the Ohio State Senate and before that he served as a Green Beret in the US Army.

Join Mary Anne as she discusses the duties of the Ohio Secretary of State and learn why Frank's daughter says that her daddy helps everyone in Ohio to vote in accessible and fair elections.

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Suzy Chaffee - Olympic Skier, Title IX, and Equal Pay Advocate

Photo courtesy of Mary Anne Christie

Photo courtesy of Mary Anne Christie

Many people know Suzy Chaffee as Suzy Chapstick due to her image in the 1970’s. Before ChapStick, Suzy was an Olympic Skier who saw the damage of sexism on women's sports. She took her fame and became an advocate for Title IX, and then for equal pay for women.

Join Mary Anne as she talks with Suzy about her struggles to be accepted as a world class athlete, and how Suzy used her fame to make the world more fair for everyone. Also, Suzy and Mary Anne are cousins. This is not an interview, it is a reunion.

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The GOP 500 Rally

Photo Courtesy of Joe Wessels

Photo Courtesy of Joe Wessels

On June 22nd, 2019 the Hamilton County GOP held a rally to get the party ready for 500 days until the 2020 election. Activists, political leaders, and representatives for the President Trump reelection campaign all gathered at the Sharonville Convention Center to get excited for the elections in 2019 and 2020.

Join Mary Anne as she talks with the people gathered and asks what the President, and all Republicans, need to do to win back Hamilton County.

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Jane Timken - Chairman, Ohio Republican Party

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Jane Timken is one of the most influential people in the state of Ohio. She knows the President. She was the political leader of Ohio's Red Wave in 2018. She is working to find the best accommodation for the Ohio GOP at the 2020 Republican National Convention. Jane also happens to be the Chairman of the Ohio Republican party.

Join Mary Anne as she talks with Chairman Timken on being the first woman to lead the Ohio GOP, and what the future of the party holds for all republicans in the Buckeye State.

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Justice Judith L. French, The Supreme Court of Ohio


Justice Judi French of the Ohio Supreme Court has had an incredible career. Working in private practice, then giving presentations to the US Supreme Court, being legal council to a governor, and now on the Ohio Supreme Court, Justice French has a record of accomplishment.

Join Mary Anne as she talks with Justice French about her career and the workings of the Ohio Supreme Court.

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Judge Heather Russell, Hamilton County Municipal Courts


Heather Russell has seen a lot during her time as a Hamilton County Municipal Court Judge. She has used that experience to find ways to help some of our neediest residents. Through CHANGE Court Judge Russell is working with victims of sex trafficking and prostitution.

Mary Anne sits down with Judge Russell to talk about her experiences as a prosecutor and municipal court judge.

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Visit Judge Heather Russell’s reelection website

Cindy Abrams - Harrison City Council

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Cindy Abrams has served her community in multiple ways. She started out as a police officer with the city of Cincinnati. She then became a successful entrepreneur with Pampered Chef. Cindy now serves her community by serving on the Harrison City Council.

Mary Anne sits down with Cindy to discuss her interesting past, and the bright future of Harrison , Ohio.

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Nancy Aichholz - Board of Education, Indian Hill Exempted Village School District

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Nancy Aichholz knows what success looks like. From her time running a successful baking company, to her current role helping women entrepreneurs (Aviatra.Org), Nancy has been focused on giving people the tools to succeed. Today she is using her skills to help guide the Indian Hill School District as a member of the Board of Education.

Mary Anne sits down with Nancy to discuss the makeup, challenges, and future of the Indian Hill school district. Join the conversation by downloading the podcast for free.

Gerri Harbison - City of Montgomery Councilwoman


The City of Montgomery has it all. Great places to live, excellent schools, and a shop or restaurant for everyone. Gerri Harbison has been there as a member of the city council, and as a former mayor, to guide the growth of this Hamilton County community.

Today Gerri sits down with Mary Anne to discuss the successful past, and the exciting future, of Montgomery.

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Judge Amy Searcy - Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas, Domestic Relations

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Judge Amy Searcy is taking an innovative approach to how family courts look and work. Mary Anne Christie sits down with Judge Searcy to talk about her innovative courtroom, and how her ideas are becoming an inspiration to family courtrooms across the country.

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Denny Connor - Sycamore Township Trustee

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Sycamore Township has always been a great place to live, work, and play, and it is about to get so much more. Join Mary Anne as she sits down with Sycamore Township Trustee Denny Connor to discuss what is happening in the Township, and to learn more about Denny himself.

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Contact Denny: dconnor@sycamoretownship.org

Cheryl Sieve - Delhi Township Trustee


Did you know that Delhi Township is known as “The Floral Paradise of Ohio”? Township Trustee Cheryl Sieve knows, and she is here to let Mary Anne, and everyone else, know all about the past, present, and future of Delhi Township. Join us for this informative, and engaging, discussion about a community that means so much to everyone in Southwest Ohio, and beyond.

Want to talk with Cheryl? csieve@delhi.oh.us

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