Meet Suzy Chaffee - Olympic Skier and Woman Trailblazer

Photo courtesy of Mary Anne Christie

Photo courtesy of Mary Anne Christie

Many people know Suzy Chaffee as “Suzy Chapstick” from the popular chapstick commercials that were aired in the 1970’s. However, that is only one part of her story.

Suzy Chaffee is a trailblazer, a tireless champion for women. She helped pass Title IX legislation. This law prohibits federally funded institutions from discriminating against students or employees based on sex. Prior to the law’s passage, women participating in sports were treated unequally from the men. As a champion college skier and a member of the 1968 US Olympic ski team, Suzy experienced this unequal treatment first hand.

She also worked with Muhammad Ali and Senator Bill Bradley to reform Olympic rules. Her advocacy allowed for corporate sponsorship of teams and individuals which she believed helped athletes from all economic levels. Today she is an advocate for equal pay for women not only in sports but everywhere.

Join Mary Anne as she talks with Suzy about her struggles to be accepted as a world class athlete, and how Suzy used her fame to make the world more fair for everyone. Did we mention that Suzy and Mary Anne are cousins. This is not an interview, it is a reunion.

Click here to listen to Suzy tell her story. This influential, fascinating and funny woman will not disappoint.

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