This is Mary Anne Christie, former Mayor of Madeira, past Vice Chairman of the Ohio Republican Party, Administrative Judge on the Ohio Industrial Commission Regional Board of Review, President, Hamilton County Children Service Commission and a host of other political, business and community leadership positions. Click here to listen to my introduction podcast.

I have had numerous opportunities to sit in public meetings as well as behind closed doors regarding decisions on the direction of a community, an agency or who will be endorsed to run for office.

The main stream media covers larger political entities such as County, State & National news but what I have found that many voters would like to hear what is going on in their community.

Have you wanted to know how these elected officials are reshaping your community?

High Heels & Politics is a first of its kind podcast in that political field. It will focus on your local communities, with interviews with your local elected officials & the issues that they are discussing. We will dive deep into stories & concerns during our interviews about the decisions that are made by your City/Village Councils, Township trustees & members of Boards of Education. This podcast is designed for you to become an informed citizen & voter. You can listen to the interviews any time or place on your mobile device & it’s free. High Heels & Politics want to provide listeners with analysis & insight on what is happening not only in public meetings but also behind closed doors. I will raise questions & topics that are rarely covered in the media.

Your elected officials are restructuring your community. Do you want to know how they got to where they are today? Do you want to know why they decided to run for office? Would you like to consider running for office but wonder how do I begin? We will ask our guests for their advice to place you on the path to an elected office.

If you want answers to these & other questions then you need to tune in to High Heels & Politics to expand your understanding on issues & politics in your communities and increase your understanding on how politics works.

In 2019 the Hamilton county voters will be electing local City/Village Council, Township Trustees, Board of Education members as well as Municipal Judges. By being more informed you will increase your chance of making correct decisions on whom to cast your vote at the ballot box.

Please join us on the High Heels and Politics Podcast.

Thank You